rich food for the rich.

rich food the rich.

this blog will start accepting donations, on 7/20/16; for bank account
informations, please drop us a line at: skate1st@outlook.com
for security reasons, we cannot accept donations made through PayPal yet.
thank you.

(written in conjunction with: "depleted foods nutritionalwise? not so much a "must taste":)" (3/25/14))

"the margherita experiment: our "embarras du choix"?"
"the superfood of today."

are just some future titles offered, for future donors...


introducing 3-D LiDAR; courtesy Konika Minolta

introducing 3-D LiDAR; courtesy Konika Minolta

although the Hannover Messe 2016 is over,  .. would like to thank very much for their invitation;
Join Hannover Messe 2016


event (e.)

Belgium, Mechelen: 5/6/16 - 5/8/16 -  international speedskating e.


girls combi pool classic: (California, 1/22/16 - 1/23/16 )

         place: Van's skate park
                    (20 city blvd W # A2, Orange, CA 92868-3103)
           date: 1/22/16 - 1/23/16      
prize purse: $22,000
          pro's: Poppy Starr,
  15 & over: Jordyn Barratt, (t: jordynbarratt) Hawaii
14 & under: Dora Varella
                    well done!